How to Achieve a Study-Life Balance in College

How to Achieve a Study-Life Balance in College

Each student has a busy, hectic lifestyle, so they might get distracted or have his/her attention drawn away by the ever-growing array of distractions. Of course, engaging in your favorite activities shouldn’t make you feel guilty.

Nonetheless, when you’re in college, and you have so many assignments, classes, and other social obligations, you might fail to attain balance, and might be distracted from your purpose. Is there a way to find balance? Can students obtain excellent academic results while having a social life as well? Certainly! Here’s how.

·         Prioritize

Prioritizing is a golden rule you should embrace if you wish to establish a balance between studying and personal life. There’s no way you can do everything you might want at a time. You cannot complete three assignments during the same day, and in the evening get together with your friends to party like there’s no tomorrow. Unless you’re Superman or Wonder Woman.

Since you’re neither Superman nor Wonder Woman, what is left for you to do is prioritize. Which are the matters that require your immediate attention? If you have critical essays that need to be delivered right away, you should focus on them, since they are urgent, and you can chill off later on. Additionally, if you have an assignment that is more relevant to your major as opposed to other, you should focus on the first one.

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You need to identify what matters most to you. How do you choose to spend your free time? Is it more important to go to the hottest party on campus? Or to spend a quiet evening with your closest friend?

·         Effective time management skills

Mastering your time management skills means using your time efficiently, and attaining high productivity level in a limited time span. Believe me, with practice this becomes possible! Establishing your most productive hours of the day is important. For some, it’s the early hours, and for others, it’s the late hours. If you realize that you’re working on an essay, and you’re staggering at the same incipient phase for hours, switch off, and you’ll get on it later.

The secret is to maximize your efficiency by working when you’re productive. When you feel worn out, you can take a break – have a walk, read a book, switch off.

·         Learning to say no

Whether you want to admit it or not, even though you distribute your time in such a way as to succeed crossing everything on your to-do-list, at times, reality differs. This is inevitable. You need to learn to say no – a key rule that applies both in college and in life.

If your friends insist on you to come to a party when you have an assignment that needs to be completed the next day, it’s time to say no, and remain consistent.